Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Piper delivers!

Today I got to sit down and take a peek at some goodies in the mail. I'm happy to say that as the last customer of Pied Piper Publishing direct sales I got a very tasty treat. Go to Noble Knight Games and purchase some of the PPP Old School goodness!

For those of you who don't know about PPP, this is what you need to know. PPP is the company of Robert J. Kuntz, the guy who was co-DM of the Castle Greyhawk campaign. Not only is Rob a very nice guy who have kindly answered questions I've asked about the old ways in Lake Geneva, he also sells some very nice products. Some of those are reproductions of his notes used in the early seventies while Dave, Ernie, Gary and others were delving in dungeons. Almost as cool to get to see as a proper publishing of Ken St. Andre's Gristlegrim would be.

I ordered The Original Bottle City, which came numbered and signed with two maps scanned from very fragile looking graph paper almost as old as myself! Add to this the module Tower of Blood and the source book of magic miscellanea called El Raja Key's Arcane Treasury and you have one very happy rpg fan opening his mail. Combine the talent of Eric Shook and Lance Hawvermale with Rob Kuntz and you have some very interesting stuff. I will probably post more about my impressions of these items later. Now I'm a very happy camper.


  1. It's magical, isn't it? You feel you are touching history, getting a glimpse of what those original games were like.

    PPP has become, very quickly, one of my favourite game publishers and I plan to keep supporting them as long as they continue to bring out such fascinating publications.

  2. The Pied Piper stuff is generally pretty good (I have everything except the new Dungeon sets). Like you, I tend to go at gaming via T&T, so what I like about PP stuff is that it is old-school and in a way that still feels right for T&T. Likewise, it is easily ported over to T&T game mechanics; so easy, in fact you can do it on the fly.

  3. Well, with my intentions of playing more T&T this year, and PPP products in my hands it might be a marriage made in heaven. :)


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