Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Cold Horror is very popular!

I don't know about you, but I can be somewhat obsessive about collecting rpg's. One of the games where is can be expensive is Call of Cthulhu. I saw a copy of Pagan Publishing's Walker in the Wastes up on eBay a few days ago, and since we recently played through Beyond the Mountains of Madness, some more chilly horror would be right up my alley. Unfortunately Pagan are well known for quality products, and their stuff are almost all out of print, except the Delta Green stuff which I guess sells best. But, I can't help but wonder if it wouldn't be enough fans around to pay for a new printinng of Walker. POD maybe? Pre-oder POD, maybe? Guess what? I didn't get that book off eBay. It ended on $193 USD!! Even I am not that crazy. Good grief.


  1. Got it sitting on my shelf right here. Only been read through twice, never did run it since that group imploded spectacularly.

    Would never have guessed it would go for that much.

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  3. One went for ~700 kr on Tradera (~$100, Swedish ebay) a couple of weeks ago. I lost out on that one as well (I'm a bit more cheap that you, Andreas :).


  4. Look at RPGnet. Current books seem to go for 50-60 now. They PRAISE THIS.

    Add in Cthulhu fans being more hardcore devotees (because CoC has a system that was nearly perfect out of the gate, and having to deal with not being in the D&D/Magic/40K supergorilla trifecta of gaming), Pagan having smaller print runs that are harder to find.

    Now add in Pagan's reluctance to use POD, PDF sellers, or their own reprints and you have a perfect storm of overpriced OOP books..

  5. Oh yes. It's not suprising they are valuable, but over $100 it becomes silly.

  6. I've got that; I wasn't that impressed with it as I recall. I'll give it another read through and see what I think.

    Maybe I can sell it on eBay and get rich :)

  7. You probably can!


    Sell to me? You wont get rich...

  8. I dunno, it's part of my -collection-, man. And it has a serpent person in it :3

    Let me finish reading it and I'll think about it.

    (so far I'm annoyed by the pseudo-academic blah blah blah writing style so common to game supplements. Lots of passive voice and silly unwieldy sentences. I think Vincent Baker has spoiled me...)

  9. Well, most game writing is not great, that's true. I guess I'm just used to it. Unknown Armies is so far the only one I think it well written. I'm not too fond of the style in, say, Dogs either.


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