Saturday, January 9, 2010

Do you want to own a rpg? M20 for sale

I just read over on Greywulf's Lair, that he is selling the rights to Microlite20! That was not what I expected to find on the web today.

If you don't know what it is, I will summarize. 3rd ed D&D had something called the SRD and the OGL, which made it possible to write a game based on 3rd ed and retool it to your tastes. Greywulf decided to distill the core essence of that game to three stats and four skills. Everything fits on a page! I was participating somewhat on the ENWorld forums when Greywulf started to talk online about this project, so I feel I was there from the beginning. For some reason I have never managed to convince somebody to try it, but it's still a favourite. Take a look at it.

Now Greywulf feels he has lost that initial energy and enthusiasm, and that somebody else should be the one to take M20 into the future. So, if you want to own a game system of your own, it's for sale!
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