Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What are Ken Rolston up to these days? Making huge computer games!

I just read an article on Gamasutra about the history of "CRPG"s. That alphabet soup is what you call roleplaying gaming when they show up on a computer. Most of them don't allow much roleplaying, but that's just to be expected.

The article goes though all the big classics in the genre and even classifies them based on their ancestry. Interesting idea. Among the other data collected on the games they also note down who designed what. I already knew Ken St. Andre designed Wastelands, but now I also know what Ken Rolston does these days. He designed Morrowind and Oblivion! Those who remember Ken's role in the Gloranthan Renaissance at Avalon Hill probably have fond memories of his work.

I still remember when Daggerfall was new, and all of us played it like obsessed. The game was huge, and you could basically live your life in that big world. We also found out that you sometimes had gotten a bad rep in a town, and had to move to another one, post haste. I loved that. How I wish Ken could be designing a Gloranthan computer game. That would get me into computer gaming again!

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