Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The First Fantasy Campaign returns, for D&D4

I just heard that Blackmoor is now being sold for 4th ed. You can check it out here.

Since I don't play 4th ed. I haven't bought it, and can't tell if it's any good. Let's hope someone new to roleplaying get it and is curious enough to find out what it is all about, and the history of the place.

Uther, Once And Always!

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  1. I bought the pdf, since I figured it was going to take too long to wait for the hard copy to ship to Europe. I also, don't play 4E (Except for a few test runs), but I found the book to be a great and quite well organized introduction to Blackmoor. Even if you own the previously published material, you might find some use for this book! :)


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