Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Show the love of traps and puzzles! Green Devil Face needs your submissions!

I read James Raggi's post Monday post and was sad to hear that he felt he had too few submissions to put out another issue.

Come on people! All of you OSR guys and gals who run a game, have you never thought of a piece of trouble for your players?! Submit it.

I sent Jim Raggi three pieces of my own, and you don't want him to be force to publish all of my junk just because you guys didn't give him better stuff to choose from, do you? James Maliszewski have posted a few times about what he thinks the hobby needs. I think it needs to get more people involved.

Submit to GDF. It's a fanzine, it's about puzzles and traps and the editor has long hair. Simple enough.


  1. I would consider it, but I don't use many traps beyond the classics in my games. I think the zine is going to find itself a victim of it's own incredibly limited scope.

  2. Maybe, but I still think a bit more action would be possible. FBI sold quite a few volumes of the Grimtooth books so there at least used to be some interest.

  3. True, and I did buy the original Grimtooth and the d20 edition one.

    But the reality is that I never used the contents.

  4. Never? I love to read them, and have found a surprisingly good amount of use out of them.


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