Monday, December 29, 2014

Legends of the Wulin - It exists!

A very elusive game for those of us who are crazy about wuxia is Legends of the Wulin. Eos Press made a game a few years back called Weapons of the Gods, based on a comic I have never been able to track down. The next step in the evolution of that game system have been mentioned in hushed whispers, but sightings are few and far between. The publisher does not even sell the game from their own website!! I went so far as to pledge for a Kickstarter where one of the bonuses on a higher pledge level was not only the board game the crowd funding campaign was all about, but also a copy of the hard to catch RPG. Now it's mine! Noble Knight Games suddenly had a copy, and I grabbed it as fast as I could! Yah! 

Nothing is so sweet to a collector as finding that thing you have been looking for. The system looks interesting, but a bit fiddly. It's very clearly made by someone who knows a thing or two about Chinese culture, and the visuals are quite impressive with glossy paper and a lot of art. This baby increased the shipping weight and costs quite a bit!

Now it's mine. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up compared to Tianxia.


  1. I've actually read the comic Weapons of the Gods, or maybe just the first part. (Might even have it around somewhere still, though a quick look hasn't turned it up.) A friend picked it up for me knowing how much I like wuxia and comics... unfortunately, it was terrible, even by my lax standards for such stuff... extremely serious, stiffly illustrated, while at the same time barely comprehensible. It's possible that the translation butchered it, otherwise it's hard for me to see why somebody would be so impressed they'd go to the trouble of making a game out of it.

    1. Interesting. At least it's confirmation it exists...


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