Thursday, December 18, 2014

A solution to echoing empty rooms in a dungeon

Some people might remember that I have written before about the empty dungeon. For some people that is not a problem. They like the exploration of the dungeon environment to be a resource management challenge. Personally I like the idea of the challenge, but I have been thinking of "compressing" the experience a bit. If nothing else, it's variation. Right?

Ken St. Andre posted this on his blog a while ago. I had opened it in a tab on my browser and did not get around to reading it for real until now. That is a neat idea on how to do the "compressing" of your dungeon.

For those who want the executive summary, the idea is to make each room a index card, shuffle and deal a matrix of cards and those are the levels of your dungeon. Nice idea.


  1. I drew up clusters of rooms and considered them as a single location. That way you have a few empty rooms, an expansive potential battleground of ambushes and such, and an encounter within that may be one room over or more and is thus likely to hear noise and be more prepared.

    1. That's a nice middle ground of Ken's room on a card, and a full blown map with empty spaces!


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