Saturday, November 16, 2013

Shaping the next generation

Last night one of my kids told me roleplaying games sounded fun, and it became clear that some kind of "try it out" session with some friends from school had to planned. Imagine that. I'm amazed that it has come to this. Who would have thought that, eh? Maybe having shelves overflowing with games in the living room was a great idea after all.

Since the kids are right now crazy about Star Wars legos, and the Star Wars themed Angry Birds game, they want to play a Star Wars game.

For me there's only one Star Wars game, and it's the WEG one with the d6 pools.

I just grabbed this of the web, not my picture

Time to crack open that rules book and refresh my memory, there's a new generation to make into gamers!

I hope there's some Force around when I need it...
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