Friday, November 1, 2013

Is it hard to get an online game going?

When g+ was new, I remember how some people hailed it as the future of gamers lacking a group. Now all the online community was open for recruitment. That sounded so good I dived in.

Since then I have tried multiple times to sign up to people wanting to run games, and never has there been anywhere near a full group showing up. Mostly it's just me. Still, since I am stubborn I'm thinking of buying a headset and a web cam and try my luck at recruiting some players of my own. That Delving Deeper game has got to me!

But how do you do it? Have someone written a tutorial to how to set up a g+ event and how to run a hangout game? If anyone reading this has a clue, feel free to enlighten me.


  1. not that i can really think of

    that being said, you are always welcome to pull up a virtual chair in my S&W game - 2 saturdays a month or so, from 930 till whenever NYC time

    the group has been using G+ for a year and a half now for gaming, most recently using Roll20 as a G+ app - works wonders

    otherwise, feel free to email me (email is in the upper right of the Tavern's home page) and I'll answer any questions you may have

  2. I wrote in depth on this topic here -- -- hope you find some of the tips useful! :-)


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