Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The stamina die

I just read on intwischa.com a really neat idea bout how to model fatigue. This does sound familiar, but I'm putting it up here for personal reference if nothing else.

On there they suggested everyone roll a stamina die when doing something that might exert your character, in addition to the regular die roll. When you roll a 1, you step down one die size and take -1 to all physical actions. Naturally someone fairly weak would start with a lower die, maybe d4, while someone more buff would maybe start with a d8.

I like  the simplicity of it all. Maybe you could even tie it into encumbrance somehow.


  1. I like simply renaming encumbrance as fatigue, whatever system you're using - so, instead of moving slower and having penalties because of all the stuff you're carrying, you're moving slower and having penalties because of greatly exerting yourself, of which carrying lots of stuff is but one example. Likely I got the idea from noticing how the Fatigue Caused by Spell Level categories for Channelling magic (in Players Option: Spells & Magic) were basically the existing AD&D encumbrance system.

    Rolling an extra die might seem like a good idea, but in practice I've found that the more dice you roll the more confusing things can get, especially if you're rolling Die A for one thing and Die B for another thing (not to mention Die C or D depending on the outcome of A or B, e.g. damage roll if a hit roll succeeds) at the same time.

  2. Good points. Rolling more dice also tend to slow the game down.

    Maybe I'll get the opportunity to try it out someday, but presently I play Savage Worlds and there I don't think it fits.

  3. I thought that's what L1 SR's were for.

    1. For encumbrance and fatigue? I'm not sure I see how.


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