Sunday, October 2, 2011

G+ really?

I'm seeing the phenomenon that is Google+, and how Zak have manged to bring everyone together around this new online gaming tool. Since I am wary of google and their way to grasp after every activity I do online (Hm.. who own Blogger, again?) I have not yet joined in. But, I'm thinking of alternatives.

Apparently there is this thing called Ekiga which to video conferencing and instant messaging and ghu knows what. It looks like it multi platform as well.

Could it be something worth testing, possibly? I have dozens of campaign ideas and enthusiasm to GM. Maybe I have to jump in the deep and see if I float or not...


  1. If you need a player, I might be down....although I recall you and I are in drastically different time zones.

  2. If you run a test game on Ekiga and it goes well, please let me know the details. Sometimes there are tech problems on G+ and there's no reason not to use something else if it works better.

  3. Ryan,

    if I can figure out how to test it we might work something out, even if the timezones don't match too well. I'm in CEST right now.


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