Monday, March 7, 2011

[DragonQuest] Shields will be splitered!

I found this reading DragonQuest yesterday:
[18.3] Grievous Injury may result if the successful Strike Check is 5% or less of the Modified Strike Chance. 
A figure who suffers a Grievous Injury while wearing armor has the Protection Rating of that suit of armor reduced by 2 until repaired. Optionally, a figure who is also carrying a shield can choose to have the shield cloven and spare his armor. A cloven shield is useless.

Shields will be splintered, eh? I really like the idea with ablative armor, like in older T&T editions. Try that one out with D&D and let me know how that works! Should drain some money from those rich coffers.


  1. Now that's a really interesting idea... I'm always looking for ways to drain the coffers as well! Hm... I'll have to think about this.

  2. I did think about it, and what I thought is here :)

  3. What is the DragonQuest Grievous injury? Equivalent to a D&D Critical Hit? Or reducing someone to negative HP? I could see either ...

  4. Great Gavin, I'm heading over to check it out!

  5. 1d30,

    Yeah, it's kind of like that. If your margin of success is great enough on attacking, you get to roll on a table for Grievous Injury. You can get extra damage from bleeding, severed limbs and other nasty stuff.

  6. Cool. In my game I have a skill called Cloak Dance that lets you sacrifice your cloak to ignore a one-die damage hit (so it wouldn't protect against a Giant or Lightning Bolt for example but would snag an arrow or an axe). And a splinter-shield rule that unlike the cloak skill does take magical shields into account. But I really like the armor version. I want PCs to suffer equipment damage, and I had relegated that to a 1 in 6 (or 1 in 20 for magic items) on a criticall-failed PC saving throw. For example, you get hit by Dragon breath, you roll the save on d20, and you get a 1. Now you roll a handful of dice for your items to see what gets toasted. If you had rolled a 2 you'd be fine.

    Anyway, this puts the decision of equipment damage in the hands of the player, like with splintered shields and the Cloak Dance. Further, like with the other two, it happens only when the PC gets deep into a fight that he's having trouble with or an especially lucky shot, not just every time the party gets blasted by a Fireball trap.

    I'll have to think about it. It's the kind of thing that seems to work best when you have an actual critical success / fail chart, which I've to date resisted. I use those as "rule of cool" opportunities.

  7. Yeah, those works bets with some kind of crits, indeed.

    I really like your cloak dance. That I would have used in a fight in my former 7th Sea game if I had remembered. that is such an iconic swashbuckling move. I can't understand how I forgot to use that.


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