Sunday, March 27, 2011

An addition to the wiki - shields

I guess most of you have heard of the wiki by now? It's a very handy collection of some of the best contributions in the blogging community of handy and cool stuff for your game.

Following the very useful table Zak posted the other day, I rolled a '2' and updated the wiki with something cool.

I think of the most of the really cool things out there have been put up there, but since I feel it's bad form to post a link to my own blog I did dig out something else which I think was missing, namely the genre fitting post by Trollsmyth called Shilds shall be splintered. Enjoy!

So, why did I pick that? I did it because it is such a small tweak that gives a minimal additional power to that 1d6 Hits level 1 character, which is one thing many gamers have a problem with. Also, it happens to feel very much like a proper sword and sorcery thing to have in your game, without going all wire fu and gonzo just to up the ante and action level of the game. Just like intended it additionally shift the focus to the shield as a useful and important tool for the warrior, and not just a forgettable nudge to your AC.
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