Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ronnies, again. And a short rant about forums

This so clearly demonstrates what's wrong with webforums. Even when they are not censoring you, and feel like a place where the level of the conversation is enjoyable, you still have the problem of keeping up. There have been another round of The Ronnies, and I totally missed it. When somebody posts something to a emailing list, I get it sent to my inbox. When somebody post something to their blog, and I've picked up the existence of the blog, it get sent to my feed reader. everything comes to me, and I check in one place and only have to remember one password. Forums I have to go to each and every one and check for news. So apart from the fools and other nonsense they are a hassle to keep up with. Who the hell invented that lousy technology?


  1. If you're a Forge member, it's not hard to set up an alert that send you an email when a certain thread or forum is updated. Just go to the forum you want to "watch" and click the "Notify" button-- then, whenever a new thread is posted, you get an email, and you don't have to visit the site every day to get your news.

    Warmest regards!

  2. That was a feature I wasn't aware of. In the best of all worlds, you should be able to post replies as well to that alert, I guess.

    Good to know The Forge has that feature. The bad thing is of course that there are different forum packages, and not all software has that feature. At least some has.

    Thanks for the hint!


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