Wednesday, February 16, 2011

House rule - leveling in T&T by combining editions

I have been thinking about T&T again, in the midst of all CoC I have been preoccupied with.

Some people seem to have an issue with the 7th ed definition of level as something tied to your stats, and some other people really don't like the idea that level have nothing to do with your abilities and only is a measure of XP gained. Never the twain shall meet, eh?

Then there's this idea about humans. In T&T every race except humans have stat multipliers. Not just a small addition, multiplier. That means that a dwarf often start with a STR of 30! How do you make humans viable as a playable character race, again? Don't bother?

I think I have an idea about both these issues.

How about you roll up your character like usual, using the 7th ed rule that the dwarf with a STR of 30 is level three. Rolling 3d6, in order, I assume. That way you will get a party with some difference in levels, it's ok. You are using the "character stable" rule to even it out anyway, aren't you?

Next is what happens in play. After character generation, you pencil in the amount of Adventure Points needed for next level. What do I mean? Well, take a look at your 5th ed rulebook. That dwarf needs 7000 points for level 4, and like every other starting character he has nil. Compare that to the puny human companion he has, who probably start as level 1, but only needs 1000 points to level up.

In this setup you kind of eats your cake while still keeping it. I'm liking the idea of it, but somebody with maths skill might have to tell me it's broken. I'll play test it at first opportunity.


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