Friday, November 5, 2010

A few words from Ken

In case you had missed it, or thought he had come clean. Here's the latest words from Ken St Andre about James Shipman:

[ some parts removed ]

I've been in contact with Ken again, and the situation have changed a bit, so for now I have elected to take that notice down. The advice to do no business with James Shipman is still valid, but that's me talking, not Ken.


  1. I hope I'm not being hopelessly dense here, but isn't the fact that he's doing this through the mail and/or Internet make it fraud? And therefore something that can be taken to authorities?

    I'm not suggesting the guy is Dillinger or Capone, but I would think a call to the friendly local FBI office would at least be worth the effort...

  2. Yes, I have suggested to Ken that this needs to be handled by the Law. I'm no expert in American law, and it always seem to involve a lot of money.

    What I can do is try to help spread the word, and I hope Ken takes what steps he can.

  3. Andreas,

    Indeed, it would involve money if he wanted to pursue this as a civil matter.

    But this sounds to me like it could also involve criminal acts, which makes it the responsibility/arena of the government.

  4. Interesting. I'll forward those ideas to Ken, if he hasn't already seen it here.

  5. Does the removal of the post mean that Ken now codones Outlaw Press? Confused...

  6. No. Ken just felt that message was a bit rough around the edges. Not saying Red doesn't mean it's Blue.

    If you have followed the issue (you can read back here and find all the details) you'd probably see how it's totally impossible for Outlaw Press and James Shipman to be condoned by anyone, ever again.

  7. Thanks Andreas. I certainly know the background that's why I was a bit surprised at the retraction. Thanks for the clarification.


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