Saturday, August 1, 2009

Roads go ever ever on..

I just posted about the end of the first chapter of my campaign of T&T. It felt a bit sad, but also satisfying to close the book. What would come of this? Today I was down at one of our FLGSs, and peeked in on the AD&D2 game there which I due to time conflicts couldn't participate in. Playing were two of my T&T players, and the DM was another. I sat in and listened a bit, chuckling and participating in the groans or sounds of merriment when someone fumbled or rolled a natural twenty. As I walked around the table, peeking at the character sheets I noticed that one of "my players" had graph paper in front of her. It was a lull in the action and I asked what she was mapping. Guess if it made me happy so hear her say that she wasn't mapping the adventure they were playing, but she was cleaning up the map of her own T&T dungeon! Hearing that made me feel like becoming a parent for the second time this summer!


  1. that's cute! congratulations (especially for the new baby of course)!


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