Friday, June 26, 2009

Playing the Dungeon of Voorand - fighting spellcasters

Tonight's game was a fairly simple affair. We had few players, but one of them was a new recruit. I'm trying to spread the love of old school delving.

They did some fooling around in Khazan, and tried to make the wizards at the Wizard's Guild create some specialized items for them. One character had heard the rumour that dragons was crazy about avocados, and since they dragon-man in the party eyed him often enough he wanted a box that always would keep some avocados fresh. I have heard of some players trying to "invent" gunpowder in a fantasy game, but having someone trying to invent a magical fridge was new to me.

When they got down to the dungeon, they went purposefully to the most overpowered site they had yet found. I was impressed. Since I had put a very intriguing puzzle there (which have caused some physical discomfort to some poor dwarf) they keep coming back. Once again the hypercube of doom delivered. Now I have mutilated yet another player character.

The big fight then started with three lich kings, or something to that effect. I guess if you dangle enough bling in front of delvers they will bite sooner or later, against better judgement. After two rounds and the effects of protective magic they retreated down to a deeper level, since stairs just happened to be nearby. Later they sneaked out with bleeding and barely conscious party members. Fun was had.

One lesson was had by me. I have not had much opportunity to test the Kremm Resistance rules, and now it confirmed my suspicions. If they spellcaster is more powerful than you it doesn't mean much, and if he is less powerful he can't do much. The rules as written are way to binary.


  1. I'm interested to hear about your experiences with Kremm resistance (I don't use it in my games) but I'm not sure I understand the last paragraph of your post? ;-)

  2. It was kind of late when I got home after the game, and typed that up. :)

    What happened was that the spellcasters, of roughly level 10, had so high WIZ that they could do what they wanted.

    On the other hand, if the PC spellcasters wanted to affect them, they were so much lower that nothing would work.

    It felt kind of unsatisfying. Too powerful or Not powerful were the ratings. :(

  3. That sounds very similar to our experiences. We dropped it after the first game really.


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