Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Microrules, now for T&T

Visiting the Trollbridge, I found a very cool and fun hack of T&T called Micro T&T. It is of course a relative of the other great micro game, Microlite20, which is a ultra slim re-interpretation of the D20 D&D rules. The man behind Micro T&T, "Hogscape", calls it a work in progress so he probably welcomes your feedback! I think it looks really cool. Check it out!


  1. T&T is already so light, I don't see much purpose paring it down further. About the only thing that couldn't fit on one, maybe two pages are the lists of spells, weapons, and rare Kindred.

  2. Thanks for the interest. The lite element refers to dice and number bloat which has built up over the years. Yes, feedback very much appreciated.

  3. Sure, it's not needed, but I find it amusing to have a whole rpg on one page. :)

    BTW, I had a fight with my Wednesday group a couple of weeks ago when I was rolling 61 dice! It took 14 combat turns to end it! Some reduction in dice, whatever way you do it, can be a boon.

  4. Here's a link to the current Micro rules:

    Check it out and leave you comments at Trollbridge - or here!


  5. The PDF has been updated again - lots more info this time.

  6. That's a really impressive condensation of T&T. You might want to say something about generating stats. As it is now you might get the impression that the kindred chart is bonuses to a regular 3d6 roll. It becomes clear at the example, but that's a few pages later.

    Also, one key feature of T&T (if you want to retain it) is that it invites players to try weird shit, because the still get AP for failed SR. So, one point of experience per level of SR would retain that feature.


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