Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ron Edwards talking about how to run old school games

I just found this very good review of Ron's game Sorcerer. It highlights how the core of the game goes back to The Fantasy Trip, and Wizard and some other game mechanical details I had missed. I especially like how the reviewer praises the initiative system for the kind of free wheeling action D&D was always intended for. Maybe something worth importing? Likewise, the GM advice in Sorcerer is definitely worth checking out, especially for someone of old school bent.

When I got my copy of the new Sorcerer books, I found the annotated edition a bit hard to read, as the flow of the text being interrupted by the annotations. This review, and the fact I got my copy of Ron's new game Circle of Hands, made me want to take it down and read it some more. Maybe I might even play it.
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