Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lynn Willis has left us

I just read on Michael Curtis blog that Lynn Willis is dead. I remember reading on Chaosium's webpage Charlie Krank posting that Lynn was ill and that he had stepped down from work. It was a reminder for me that even people that have been in the business since I first started gaming are mortal.

Those names on the credit pages on the games I handled at a young, tender and impressionable age were names of demi gods living in a far off realm. Thanks to the net, it has become easy to get in contact with all those people and see how many of them are friendly and communicative individuals. It pleases me no end to sometimes be able to say "Thanks!" to those who have shared the dream.

Now I wish I had taken the opportunity to say thanks to Lynn. His name is one of those I've seen on the games I've played since way back. Memento mori.
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