Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just something that needed to be said

I think some people need to see this.


  1. Well, a majority of Americans live in deep fear, which is bestowed upon them by the media. They are scared little sheep that want other people to do their thinking for them, and who want to be a part of a big herd so that they have warmth and protection. It's easier to have some shouting, pontificating, pandering talking head tell you what reality is, rather than do the hard work of thinking for yourself. So if some "authority figure" tells you over and over that Barak Obama is a secret Muslim and you are desperate to believe, you will believe. With all your quivering, quaking sheep heart. Oh, and can we finally admit that calling Obama a "Muslim" or "not American" are just euphemisms for what many Americans want to say: he's BLACK. And that's the real issue these narrow-minded closet racist are railing against. Let's be real here, people. Stop being a coward and admit that his ethnicity is the reason for your suspicion and ire.

    1. Drance: "he's BLACK"

      Thanks for the tip.

  2. Thanks for linking that! I plan on forwarding that to every friend, relative and associate of mine who likes to bring up the "muslim' talking point again and again.

  3. It makes me tired that any of you care about his alleged faith.

    You've all seen what the last half-dozen president's have done. Who has any of their wind about God protected from bombs, or drones, or murderous economic sanctions, or bailouts, or, or, or!

    and PS... nobody cares that's he's black. Run a black candidate for both parties (or two women, or two atheists, or wtfever) and watch everyone flock to the Pepsi challenge booths just like when two old white dudes run.


    (politricks are 4 kids... not game blogs)

  4. What I really care about is not the dude's religious believes. No, something else entirely.

  5. Did you know that they (The Board of Health) keeps Obama's birth certificate in a vault?

    Anyway, if Obama says he's a Christian, then he's a Christian. What's the big deal?

  6. Obama may not be a Muslim, but neither is he a Christian. He is an atheist. He plays everyone, all the time, and early on he knew that to advance in high office in the USA he had to pretend to be a Christian, and politically Reverend Wright's church was the place to be in Chicago politics. If you think Obama is a Christian, you are just as misguided as those who think he is a Muslim.

  7. Anonymous, that was not the point.


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