Sunday, January 8, 2012

The last hurrah of the Ronin Wars - Battletech

Today I played in the last battle of our narrative arch of the Ronin Wars. In the setting plot for the Battletech universe, that was a rebellion by old hardliners when the stellar empire of house Kurita let some worlds seced to form a new stellar state. I played the old guard, and this was the last fight as the war was lost.

I knew I wanted to try some of the combined arms aspects of Battletech, so on my side I had once light lance and one company of mechanized infantry. Add to that some buildings, and you have quite a mouthful of new rules if you've only played mech against mech before.

We decided my force wanted to extract three caches of information from the buildings before retreating off world. I sent in my three platoons of infantry towards the buildings and my opponent decided, without knowing, to concentrate his force of heavy mechs on just that cluster of buildings where two of my three caches were. Ouch!

The first platoon ran in, and ran out. While retreating off map they suffered serious losses. Lucky me we had no morale rules! Then they managed to escape they secured a marginal victory for me. After that my commander, in my only mech with any firepower to speak of, got hit by ten long distance missiles in the head. He died, quickly.

After that we diced a lot and my mechs became punched and shot at a lot. In the end one was mobile, but with no weapons left, one was running around with reactor hits and the torso a gaping hole and the last one had no arms and a leg that would fall off if someone looked at it angrily. The last of the infantry died on the edge of the map, gunned down by autocannon fire.

I have no idea of this was how you create a scenario by the book, since I don't own the full rules. Also, I have no idea of this was a scenario where the battlevalues matches up at all. Some guesstimates indicate my force was outgunned somewhat. It was real fun, though!

I really love to play Battletech, since the scenarios become small stories in themselves. Small epics of miserable shots, clumsy pilots and daring escapes. Great drama!


  1. Sounds like fun. Got to hate it when the enemy takes out a leader or important element. 10 missle to the head sucks, the attacker was pretty lucky to have two of his 5 shot groupings hit there. I usually get the autocannon 20 to the head. Last year we had a fight and as the enemy came around the base of the hill I was hiding behind, I blew away the lead mechs head with a double AC10 hit and in the same round the enemy mech immediately behind the first blew mine off with a AC20.

    The scenario rules focus on building balanced scenarios, but you should be able to modify them to be a bit more realistic for campaign play. I'll try to take a look at them this week and send you a brief outline of the steps of creating a scenario if you like. You can get update BV table from Catalyst (or at least you could 6 months ago or so).

  2. I'd love to hear about ideas for creating scenarios!

    This time was a bit odd, yeah. Usually it is the autocannon hits that go in the head, my experience as well. That duel from behind that hill sounds epic. Thanks for sharing that one!


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