Monday, November 14, 2011

CoC character generation

So, this weekend we generated some character for CoC. I will be running The Hills Rise Wild when we next meet. It will be interesting.

I decided to include as much cool stuff from Trail as I had earlier been pondering. Drives, Pillars of Sanity and all core clues from Occupational Skills of 30% or above. I also added in a starting max of 85% and the Trigger Event from Unknown Armies. I think it will fit well.

We now have a lady reporter, a private eye and a businessman and gentleman scholar. It will be interesting...


  1. That's an interesting approach - I'm a big fan of Trail, and taking the "Gumshoe philosophy" (all the clues that would block forward progress get found...), along with Drives, Sanity, and Stability, and moving it back into CoC makes sense.

    The biggest difference I noticed between Trail and CoC was that players had a mechanical reason to put themselves in harm's way while playing Trail, because they wanted to regain Stability for their Drive ("Sure, I'll go down in the dark basement alone... I'm CURIOUS"). But I like the CoC resolution systems more.

  2. I forgot another tweak I made. No regain of SAN, unless there are no physical evidence of anything odd having happened. Then might get 1d6 back. I want it bleak.

  3. Have you read Ars Ludi's idea on 'Tripods of Deceit'? I'm dying to use it in CoC. Each character has a surface and a secret identity drawn from 3 choices. In CoC I'd define them as Mythos-resister, Mythos-ignorant, and Mythos-supporter. So, the ignorant farm people (surface: Mythos ignorant) could actually be having strange rites to Nyarlotep in the barn (secret: Mythos supporters), while the creepy old bookseller (surface: Mythos supporter) could actually be tracking down these old tomes to use their contents to keep the world safe (secret: Mythos resister), and the police inspector in the Secret Division (surface: resister) could be actually what he seems (secret: resister). Check out Ars Ludi for more details...

  4. Interesting idea. Will check it out. Thanks!

  5. I'm interested in how your modifications play out.

    Just don't re-create any scenes from "Deliverance" :)

  6. I'll keep you posted! I wonder if not "Deliverance" is the kind of scenario this should be. ;)


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