Thursday, September 15, 2011

Horses and knights in plate mail, in real life!

This last weekend there was a cultural festival in these parts. All kinds of films, literature and ethic food and dance all over downtown. When darkness fell, fires lit up and you could watch a show with real horses and knights clad in armour thundering forth. Guess where I was standing?

It was quite amazing to see a 600 kg horse come galloping down a field of gravel, the ground thundering and loudspeakers playing Ramstein. The fact that the horse had a lad or lass on its back wearing plate armour and swinging a sword or lance didn't make it less impressive! With people breathing fire for the audience and the jousting knights sometimes having swords lit with flame it was quite a show!

Now, imagine that beast and warrior coming charging against you with intent on your life.

I would run.

I'm suddenly feeling that having a PC make a morale check to stand his ground when facing a dangerous monster makes a lot of sense.


  1. It sure does! That's one of the reasons why I like Pendragon so much.

  2. very cool. is there a website with pics by any chance?

  3. Brian,

    I'm sad to say that I have not yet played Pendragon.

  4. Dan,

    That was a very good question. For some reason I never got the idea to look. This seem to be the blog depicting some of those knights and their show.

  5. Here's my pix from Medieval Times back in July.

  6. Cool pictures! Looks a little bit like the show I saw.

  7. Moral checks for PCs robs player agency.

    Fight HP and stat inflation, and the situation will play itself out naturally. Let the fear they feel be real. Don't roll some dice and tell them "you are afraid".

  8. Well, I was just saying that I understood the idea, and how it could be found to make some kind of sense, realistically.

    Read back on my musings on morale and Dragons at Dawn and you can follow along in my thoughts on PC morale.


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