Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To swell the ranks of the hobby?

I found this link today from an old thread at The Forge. It made me think about the need of more clone rules and how to make a game that appeals to new and potential gamers. Food for though.


  1. I don't think there needs to be more retro many copies of a copy do we really need, right? How about we take existing ones and give them a "modern" layout? Swords & Wizardry last I checked had a raw, no-frills word document for personal editing....wonder how appealing it could be if someone put some "new school" art and full color layout to it?

    Other than that...well, it's still pretty much trying to push the rules that have been there for 3 decades...if they didn't like it or have an interest up until now, what's going to change?

  2. There is absolutely no freaking way that any rule set will get new people involved in rpg's. This is just the kind of idiocy I expect to see on the Forge.

    The only thing that gets new people involved in rpgs is somebody introducing it to them, making it a fun experience and keeping it accessible. You can do that with any rule set. Gamers being good ambassadors of the hobby grows the hobby. Nothing else.

  3. Which, dear Wickedmurph, I think is the real gist of what Ron is saying.

    OSR and Forge idiocy sometime look alike. :)

  4. But that doesn't seem to be what you are saying... unless you're being sarcastic. Which is notoriously hard to detect on teh interwebz.

  5. Well, I'm doing it the complicated way. I'm just saying this is food for thought.

    I think Ron would agree with you, but he might not phrase it that way. Also, I do think the amount of rules, D&D clones or Forge style creations, wont get many people interested in gaming.

    Sometimes I do some sarcasm as well. I just can't help myself, even if it fails.

  6. I read this article a couple years back and completely agree with's just the last year-and-a-half that I've been "falling back in love" with B/X D&D. Thanks for reminding me about this!
    : )


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