Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some visions of games past

Note: I just noticed that the text I uploaded was a draft, not the final version. Sorry. You got to see for a short while how my drafts look like.

I have been thinking about how as the gaming greats die, we are loosing not only friends and fellow gamers, but also knowledge. As soon as you start to delve a bit deeper into the history of the hobby, you'll find that a lot have changed. The very basic way the games work have changed! Did you know for example, that in the early Blackmoor game the Dungeon Master was not the only one to play the opposition? Everyone took their turn playing the monsters!

One gamer who have been with us since the hobby began and played with not only Gary Gygax in Greyhawk and Dave Arneson in Blackmoor, but also with M.A.R. Barker in his Tekumel campaign is Michael Mornard (aka Gronan of Simmerya). He has spread entertaining nuggets of wisdom on the net about roleplaying and how it was done back then. Robert Fisher have collected quotes and memorable sayings that he felt worthy of preserving. I just read through them all and found them both funny and enlightening. Go see for yourself!

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