Monday, February 13, 2012

Old School feats - my take

In a post some while back, FrDave posted his ideas about how to spice up the use of stats in old school D&D by some "feats" for those with exceptional stats. I liked the idea of some extra ability that set just that level 2 fighter apart from the dozen next to him in line at the dungeon entrance. Stats mean very little in earlier editions, and while I think the way it works in, say 1st ed AD&D, is a a bit excessive I still think some more use could be had out of them.

Here are my lists for "old school" feats.

This is build for the B/X edition of D&D, with a +1 for 13-15, +2 for 16-17 and +3 for 18 in a stat. The reverse applies for stats lower than 8.

  • STR - 1-3 times a day, the fighter attack may stun an opponent who must make a save or dazed only defend himself.
  • INT - Once a day, you can find and exploit a flaw of the opponent. Adjust his and/or your AC up or down 1-3 points.
  • WIS - 1-3 times a day the fighter can feint an opponent, who then looses his next action.
  • DEX - 1-3 times a day, a successful attack may disarm an opponent.
  • CON - 1-3 extra HP added at character generation.
  • CHA - daily an intimidate attempt may be made, and 1-3 bonus gained to one to hit roll.
Magic-User (repost from Blood of Prokopius)
  • STR - 1-3 spells per day have their durations doubled.
  • INT - 1-3 spells with variable effects are maximized.
  • WIS - 1-3 spells may be spontaneously cast in place of memorized spell of equal or lower level.
  • DEX - 1-3 spells with an area effect have it doubled.
  • CON - may use 1-3 weapons or armour chosen at character generation not normally available. Leather must be the first choice and no heavier than chain.
  • CHA -  1-3 spells a day require two successful saves.

  • STR - thrown weapons gets +1-3 damage
  • INT - 1-3 times a day the thief manoeuvre himself so to grant initiative for his side. Ignore the dice.
  • WIS - daily the thief may push and shove enemies in a fight, granting +1-3 to one attack/save on a friendly side.
  • DEX - 1-3 times a day, an attempt at sleight of hand will automatically succeed.
  • CON - 1-3 times a day you get +1 to a save of your choice.
  • CHA - you can tell 1-3 totally convincing lies each day.
  • STR - 1-3 times a day, you can re-roll a to hit or damage for one ranged attack.
  • INT - 1-3 bonus once a day to find hidden things.
  • WIS - once a day, your sixth sense will warn you of impending danger, on a roll of [1-3] in a six.
  • DEX - one fight a day, you get 1-3 bonus to AC.
  • CON - 1-3 bonus to any save, once a day.
  • CHA - 1-3 times a day, you may sing a silly song gaining a 1-3 morale bonus for the whole party.
  • STR - if an opponent if of a faith directly opposing your own, you may once a day smite the unbeliever for 1-3 extra damage.
  • INT - 1-3 memorized spells may be swapped out for a healing spell of equal or lower level, at will.
  • WIS - once a day, turning attempts will affect 1-3 extra targets.
  • DEX - 1-3 spells of variable area of effect is doubled once a day.
  • CON - daily after a short prayer, the cleric will regain 1-3 HP.
  • CHA - the true intentions of 1-3 individuals with whim he has conversed will be revealed by the cleric's god.
  • STR - once a day, you get 1-3 bonus to a save against spells with physical effects.
  • INT - 1-3 times a day, a spell cast will be retained in memory.
  • WIS - on a [1-3] in 6, small woodland creatures will give you warnings of dangers and happening in the wild you are travelling through.
  • DEX - 1-3 rounds a day the elf may shoot twice in combat.
  • CON - 1-3 days an adventure the elf may survive without sleep/food or water.
  • CHA - on a 1 in 6 the elf might know, once a day, a snippet of knowledge of greater or lesser relevance to the adventure at hand.
  • STR - 1-3 attacks a day will not only harm, but also stun the target into loosing their next action.
  • INT - may identify the make and/or source of gems and precious metals, on a [1-3] roll in six once a day.
  • WIS - once a day 1-3 spells of the dwarfs level or lower will not affect him.
  • DEX - when an enemy falls for your axe, you may 1-3 times a day immediately roll to also attack the closest enemy.
  • CON - 1-3 days a week, the dwarf may drink any amount of alcohol without passing out.
  • CHA - once a day, saves against any fear effect will get a 1-3 bonus for everyone within 10' of the steady dwarf. 

So what say you? I think these can be used to great effect to make that character of yours stand out a bit from the rest, without degenerating into super heroics of a kind not fitting for B/X.
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