Sunday, April 19, 2009

In memory of Dave we killed some frogs

My megadungeon campaign, The Dungeon of Voorand, took a week off this week. I wanted to do something as a memorial for Dave, and when Mike Curtis (of The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope fame) published a amphibian themed dungeon I decided to take that and use it for this week's T&T game.

I had already put in a row of weird statues of level two of my dungeon, and the players had been trying to understand how to open the doors the statues were facing. I decided to give the key to them, in both meanings of the word, and they got an amulet to hang on the neck on one statue, and having gone through the now active gate the had been teleported to my new area. I still haven't decided if it's actually a sublevel or just a part of the jungle I had already planned for my dungeon.

So, there they were in the middle of a rainforest, underground. In front of them lurked a steeped pyramid with a gigantic frog sculpted on top. After some prodding they ascended en entered the dungeon.

All in all it went well, but when my youngest player decided to do one of his impulsive and suicidal moves by jumping down the well to level two I actually cheated, and ignored him until every one had talked a bit more and at least some rope had been tied to help them down. At that moment I was really happy that faeries are a common player race, since it made it easy for me to get some information across about what was down there.

Finally they went down to level two, and the fight between 30 gigantic toads and five player characters went fairly smoothly. Thank Trollgod for the fast flowing T&T combat system! The best part was when the party naga wizard was swallowed by a toad, and then cast a TTYF powered up four levels from within the beast! It was kind of late and I decided to add that to the hit total for the whole group (way to easy on them, I know) and it took out the remaining toads. It was very memorable, and due to some nasty Special Attacks triggered by spite, we had not only one exploding toad, but also one killed character. Death by tooth and fang, amphibian style. Yay!

I think this incarnation of the Temple of the Frog was successful, and we cheered and laughed a lot about freewheeling fun stuff, which I think Dave would have liked. As always I was amazed how easy it was to grab a module for OD&D and jot down some MR in the margins and run it as if it had been written for T&T all along. I will see if it's possible to publish my T&T stats in some handy format if someone is interested.
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